Hive Orange

Hive - Where People are Busily Occupied

Hive was born out of a desire, belief and need for a community of like-minded individuals within business, to grow, learn and collaborate with one another, in a purpose designed, state of the art facility. Hive will be the finest place to work and play in Orange. Located within the centre of Orange CBD, our building has been transformed to create the perfect environment.

Our Vision

To connect Orange’s most creative, innovative and dynamic businesses under one roof, providing opportunities for collaboration, referrals, social interaction and general cross pollination!

Co-locating a range of businesses creates an energy and first-class facilities normally only found in larger organisations or cities. We are wired, watered, all-inclusive and app-accessible. Hive offers highly functional spaces – whether this is a permanent private office, shared office, meeting rooms or occasional co-work space.

The high-end facilities in this purpose-designed space will change your working life!

Hive’s features include:

  • Online workspace bookings
  • Accessing the building via your smartphone
  • Event space, meeting rooms and catering available
  • Document printing
  • Xero friendly weekly invoicing
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